Orchid Island’s Services

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Over many years of establishment and development, Orchid Island is becoming a big name that cannot be missed when traveling Nha Trang.

You can visit Orchid cave to see a forest of orchids blooming. Especially, tourists would participate in ostrich riding, elephant riding services, enjoy the unique circus show of talented artists, which is funny bears, a python seemed aggressive but extremely gentleand friendly. Or taking part in sport games on the beach like parasailing, jetski, kayaking ...

  • Huong Viet food and beverage area with country food and many kinds of wine of three regions combined with tea, cakes in the whole country are enough to please tourists.
  • Huong Lan Restaurant is always pleased to serve you with sophisticated processing dishes that meet the tastes of visitors inside and outside. With the capacity up to more 1,000 guests, you would certainly enjoy fresh dishes in a wonderful atmostphere and the enthusiastism of professional staff here. It surely brings nice memories and impression to all of you.

Orchid Island’s service price

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